How To Crack IGNOU Exams In First Attempt?

crack ignou exam in one go

Do you feel that you can not Crack IGNOU Exams In First Attempt ?

If yes then today I will clear all your doubts which after reading this post, you will know How you can clear the exam of IGNOU in one go.

Easy Solution For Difficult Exams Questions :-

Are you searching for helpbook and solutions for IGNOU examination? Do not go any where. Believe in what I’m going to tell you.

I’m also IGNOU Student. I have long experience in IGNOU. Now, Will shares with you many lessons only on this platform.

Step By Step Tips To Crack IGNOU Exams:-

1. Do not waste your time in searching Helpbook. The Helpbook in fact misguide you.

2. After confirmation of admission in IGNOU and receipt of study materials by online or Offline, half of your problem is solved.

3. Start studying one or two hours whenever you get some time, at least two three days in a week.

4. Preparation of assignments is itself a preparation for examination. So prepare the assignment yourself with the help of IGNOU books.

5. You find the time gap of about two-three months between submission of assignments and appearance in examination.

6. Utilize this time gap. Download previous year question papers (Last 3 Year) from IGNOU website.

7. While surfing the previous year question papers you will find that many questions are repeated year after year.

8. Sometimes you may find that almost the same question paper is repeated in the next Term End Exam.

9. Prepare the repeated questions and topics because that is important.

10. Question paper gives options between the two questions most of the time. Thus, you can attempt according to your choice.

11. Find out the answers from IGNOU books and highlight the same in the book.

12. Before going to the examination center revise the all important question and topics which is highlights by you.

13. You are not required to read any other reference book except IGNOU books.

14. If you don’t have books in any form then you can use reference book.

Crack IGNOU Exams In First Attempt Not A Rocket Science!

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15. Try to attend all the questions in the exam.

Write as much as you know about question because step to step marking is done.

Write the answer point to point so that the examiner can give you good marks while checking your answer sheet.

16. If your handwriting is not good then you should write very clearly and neatly.

Otherwise it will not put a good impression on the evaluator.

17. Keep in mind the word limit, your marks can be deducted by writing more or less words according to questions.

Do not fill the seat by writing unnecessary words because the evaluator is smarter than you.

I am confident that if you take care of all these point , then you will be able to clear your exam in one go.

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