How To Make Front Page Of IGNOU Assignments?

IGNOU Assignment Front Page

In this article you can read about How To Make Front Page Of IGNOU Assignments? because , First Page of Assignment is mandatory for all students.

First page of your assignment contain your important details about your programme and your registration details.

As you know your unsolved assignment attach with your solved assignment like that you need to apply first or Front Page Of IGNOU Assignments in every single subject course assignments.

In June 2020 Sesssion, IGNOU Submit Online Assignment to Regional centre because of Covid-19.

Mostly regional centre create a new email address for submit online assignment.

Last Date of assignment submission is extended till 30 April.

In light of the University Circular, dated 30.03.2020.

As given the learners under IGNOU RC are advised to submit scanned copies of their hand written assignments by email.

Those learners who have already submitted their assignment by email or hard copies need not to re-submit again.

Those learners who wish to submit their assignments online In this session.

They are requested to note and comply with the following given below :-

  • Write Your Name and Enrollment No. on every page before scanning.
  • Keep the original assignments safe.
  • For each Course, their assignment responses should be scanned in ONE single pdf file.
  • There are 10 questions in one assignment, there should NOT be 10 separate pdf files of these 10 answers.
  • Scanned in ONE single pdf file for easy download at RC end.
  • Check *the last date* of submission of assignments on IGNOU / RC website.
  • The assignment question papers are available on University website.


  • Format Of Front Page Of IGNOU Assignment:-

Name Of Learner –

Enrollment Number – 

Course Code of attached assignments: – 

Programme Code – 

Study Centre Code – 

Regional Centre Code –

Email Address – 

Phone Number – 

If you follow this assignment format so you can not face any problem about your assignment first page.

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  1. Raakiv says:

    Sare pages me name or roll no. Likh ne hai kya scanning karne ke liye

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