How To Download IGNOU June 2021 Date Sheet?

Download IGNOU Datesheet

Are you going to give IGNOU exam, Do you want to Download IGNOU Date sheet?

So, read this post in completely, because, I will tell you to step, How to download your IGNOU Date sheet?

So, It is important for you to know, Why you should download the IGNOU Date Sheet?

The biggest benefit of download Date sheet is that we get to know what is the date of our exam so that we do not have any problem in preparing for the exam.

Type Of Ignou Date sheet!

IGNOU publishes Two Date Sheets before Exams.

1. IGNOU Tentative Date sheet :-

○The first date Sheet is a Tentative DateSheet which is published on IGNOU’s website a month before the exam.
○The Tentative Date Sheet contains the expected date of the exam which can be changed later.

2. IGNOU Final Date sheet :-

○The final date sheet is updated on the IGNOU website 10 to 15 days before the exam.
○All the dates of exams in the final date sheet are accurate in which no change is made later.
○The Final Date Sheet shows the exact date of your exam.

Note :- The method of download Tentative Date Sheet and Final DateSheet is same.

How To Download IGNOU Date sheet?

Follow the steps given below to download IGNOU date sheet.

1. First of all, you have to visit to IGNOU’s website

IGNOU Homepage

IGNOU Homepage

2. After the website is open, you have to click on the download option.

IGNOU Datesheet

IGNOU Datesheet

3. After coming to the download page, you will see the option of Date Sheet, you have to click on it.


4. Now, all the current date sheets of IGNOU will come on this page, the date sheet which will be at the top will be the date sheet of the latest exam.

5. On clicking the link at the top, the datasheet will be opened.

6. After the date sheet is open, you will have to select the (Programme) and the (Course), as you will select these, The Date Sheet of your subject will be displayed.

IGNOU Datesheet

IGNOU Datesheet

IGNOU Datesheet

IGNOU Datesheet

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