IGNOU Evaluation System

Re-Evaluation System

The system of evaluation followed by the University also is different from that of conventional universities. IGNOU has a multitier Evaluation System.

1. Self-assessment exercises within each unit of study material.

2. Continuous evaluation mainly through assignments which are tutor-marked, practical assignments and seminar/ workshops/extended contact programmes, etc.

3. Term-End Examinations (TEE).

4. Project / Term-end Practical examination.

The evaluation of learners depends upon various instructional activities undertaken by them.

A learner has to write assignment responses compulsorily before taking Term-End.

Examinations from time to time to complete an academic programme.

Students need to submit their assignments at the given study centre.

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IGNOU Term End Exams is conducted at various examination centres all over the country and abroad in June and December every year.

IGNOU uses the following system of “Grading” for evaluating learners’ achievement

For Bachelors’ and Masters’ degree programmes, numerical marking is normally following.

The University conducts Term-end Examination twice a year in the months of June and December every year.

Students will be permitted to appear in Term-end Examination subject to the condition that registration for the courses in which they wish to appear is valid.

Minimum time to pursue the courses has lapsed and maximum time to pursue the course/programme is not over and they have also submitted the required number of assignments.

If any, in those courses by the due date

IGNOU Convert theory marks and assignments marks are into grades. (IGNOU Evaluation System )

However, if required by the learner, the university provides numerical marks and division (I, II or Pass).

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IGNOU uses 10-Point Grading System for evaluating learners’ achievement for Bachelor Degree Programmes under CBCS, as under:

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