What to bring to IGNOU Exam Hall During Exams?

Bring To IGNOU Exam Hall

What to bring to IGNOU Exam Hall During Exams?

If you are going to do exams in IGNOU. Then you should know what things you will need in the examination hall.

At the same time, you should also know what you will be allowed in the examination hall.

Whenever we go to the examination centre to give exams, the same thing comes in our mind that what we have to take it.

One of the biggest problems with IGNOU students is that they do not know their classes because IGNOU is an open university.

They do not know what to take to the examination centre and how they will prepare for exams.

List of things to take to the examination centre:

1. ID CARD                                              (IGNOU Exam Hall During Exams)

IGNOU ID card is compulsory in the examination centre because without IGNOU ID card you cannot enter the examination centre.

If you have taken online admission in IGNOU then you can download your ID card from IGNOU website

If you have taken offline admission in IGNOU. Then you go to IGNOU Regional Center and take your ID card from there and stamp it on it only then it will be considered valid.

2. IGNOU Hall Ticket / Admit Card                                                                                             (IGNOU Exam Hall During Exams)

Secondly, IGNOU hall ticket/Admit Card is compulsory because without this you cannot give your exam.

Hall tickets are considered a second compulsory document because the date of exam, timings of your exam and the address of your examination the centre is mentioned in it.

How To Download IGNOU Hall Ticket? – Click Here

You do not need to verify IGNOU Hall Ticket and Admit Card from anywhere, you can download it from IGNOU website before the exams.

3. Pen

Generally, everyone knows that you cannot write an exam without a pen, but I have placed the pan at number three.

Because many students carry only one pan, because of which it happens so often that one of your pans goes bad due to some reason.

You do not have another option, so always keep two to three pens with you in the examination centre so that if any problem comes you can replace it.

My Suggestion, I will recommend you to carry a black pen also with you because with the help of the black pen you can underline your answer and some important points which will give you good marks.

Important Note: Never Use Red Pen In Exams

4. Compass Box

Compass box is with you during exams because if you do not have a compass box then your exam time may be wasted.

It is very important to have a compass box in the examination hall. Because with the help of this you can easily make any diagram, chart and graph.

5. Watch
  1. Watch plays a very important role in the examination hall.
  2. Your question paper is made keeping in mind the time, so you must have a watch.
  3. If you do not have a watch, you will not know what time you have to question.

Note: Digital Clock is Prohibited in the examination hall.

So I hope you have liked this post, as well as you have also know
what you have to bring in the exam hall.



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